VEILFIRE: a release day

Even when I was wrapping up the Cadis Trilogy, I had a suspicion I wasn’t done with the world of Andvell. The characters were too rich, the possibilities for growth too endless. Like Jeff, I got used to playing with Andvell as my sandbox, and I don’t know if that feeling is ever going to fade.

Which is why I was hardly surprised when Naya Reed walked into my head. You may remember Naya. She’s the little girl who played in the gardens of the palace while Venn watched over her to make sure she didn’t fall in the pond. The dragon girl.

Well, now Naya is seventeen years old and coping with some unusual teenage issues. Like the fact that she shares her mind with a dragon…only the dragon isn’t very good at sharing.

Add to that the people vanishing from the country, the dreams that not only keep her up at night but sometimes send her wandering in her sleep through the forest, and a voice calling to her from beyond the Veil. Needless to say, Naya’s got problems.

Fortunately, she also has friends who are willing to stand by her, a family who wants nothing more than to keep her safe (for better or worse), and a mysterious young man who needs her help and who wants to help her in return.

The kick-off to the Nayis Trilogy is an alluring return to Andvell, and I hope you enjoy!

Veilfire is now available across all major retailers: Amazon, Barnes & Noble (Nook), Kobo, Apple

Veilfire Cover Final front cover proof.png

If you’re new to Andvell, there has never been a better time to catch up. For a very limited time, the entire first trilogy in the saga, The Meratis Trilogy, is on sale for 99c. Three books for a dollar? How can you beat that? The Meratis Trilogy boxset is available through Amazon, Kobo, Apple, or B&N. If you read it and love it, please consider leaving a review on your retailer of choice.

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