First, a quick update:

TAKE THAT, NANOWRIMO! On Friday I reached the 50k mark of my NaNo project, my Ottawa-based urban fantasy. I’m closing in on the climax, so am hoping to be done the first draft of book 1 by next week. After that? I’m diving right into book 2. If this entire trilogy is written by the end of January, I’m going to be a very happy author. Then comes all the revision and rewrites… but that’s a later stress.

I’m also starting to pick at a whole new project, which brings me to something that I need to say in a very loud, very enthusiastic way:


As you may be aware, this past summer I joined Patreon, the website that allows people to support the artists they love and participate in the creation of the projects they’re most looking forward to.

I am, from the far reaches of my infinite imagination, so grateful for those of you who have thrown in even $1/month to keep me motivated, keep me accountable, and keep me going.

I promise, I’m just getting started. The more I learn, the more I want to evolve my Patreon page into a strong, fun, engaged community. I want to use it as a way to get to know my readers, and to give you a sense that you are not only a receiver of the stories I tell, but a part of the telling of them. It might take a while to get there, but each one of you has brought me a step closer.

So THANK YOU. If you’re a patron, be sure to check my page for a small token of my vast appreciation.

Last week on my Patreon page, for the $5+ tier, I released the short piece “Into the Fire,” a prologue or side story to introduce the world of Aidalene. Yep, my new epic fantasy world has a name. It has characters (so far nameless)! It has scenes (at least 2 so far)! It’s a high fantasy that is sure to tickle your imagination. Through Patreon, I’ve been posting worldbuilding Q&As, which you can read and comment on as it goes. I’ll be working on character sketches in the next couple of months, and who knows what else.

Even if you’re not a Patron, you’ll be getting the story itself in my December newsletter, so get you can a taste of what’s coming. My newsletter is free, spamless, and offers a few extra freebies as well.

Also also, a notice that all of my paperbacks are currently 13% off! This is just until the end of the month, so if you want any books for the holidays, now is the perfect time to order them. And remember to use BINGEREAD20 for an extra 20% off any purchase over $60.

I’m not just selling books, though, I have also been buying them. Many of them. It’s my vice on stressful days—what can I say?

Looking for inspiration on what to add to your TBR? Check out my latest haul:

I’m on the hunt for more great epic fantasy—ideally female authors—so if you have any recommendations, please leave them below!

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