All Kinds of Updates

From personal to business, there have been a lot of upgrades happening in the Walsh-Reddie household in the first few weeks of 2019.

First, on Christmas Eve, there was the discovery of a leak in our basement. In the back corner, where the art supplies and internet modem live, the carpet was soaked through—nearly puddled. Not a full flood, thank goodness, but the result of a good slow leak (and a 50mm driving rain three days before Christmas).


Finally, on Friday, the contractor came in to tear open the wall for an assessment. So this was my Friday morning:

What insulation hadn’t been converted into a hotel by a few industrious mice (no longer in residence, thank goodness) had been soaked through with melted snow and rain water. So everything in our future is dealing with insurance claims and dollar signs, and—until we get this mess sorted out—this stunning new interior decorating style.


Who knows, maybe we’ll grow to love the orange and blue and decide to redecorate Hubs’s entire office space.

So that’s where we are as far as the home updates are concerned. On the bright side, the basement will be a heck of a lot warmer by the time we’re done, and we’ll be rid of a good chunk of mouse presence in the walls. And hopefully, no more slow leak!

It can be challenging to stay positive when all you hear from the contractors is “Wow…” as they’re tearing out your wall, but we’re taking this as a learning experience.

But the updating doesn’t end there!

I’m also in the processing changing the backmatter of all my books to all my platforms to make sure readers are getting the most up-to-date contact information. If you try a link from the back of the book and it doesn’t take you where you expect it, please let me know!

On my newsletter front, I’ve officially moved over to a new service provider. My emails will now be once a month, with a Tea for Two draw with each send. Considering you also get some Andvell short stories and the Invisible Entente prequel novella just for signing up, I think that’s a pretty great deal! So you can help me test my links and welcome emails by following this link.

Also, as of tonight, all of my book pages have been updated with the most recent links, including the new Google Play/Books links. So if you want to purchase an ebook, you have no lack of options of where to go.

Finally, to kick off 2019, I have updated all of my Patreon tiers to be more accessible to more people. Now you can expect full exclusive behind-the-scenes blog posts for just $1/month, and early access or exclusive new short stories as well as a closer look at my writing process for only $2/month (my goal is to produce 2-4 of these shorts per year). If you pledge $5/month, you can be lucky enough to read some work from 12-year-old me now that I’ve come across it (I use “lucky” lightly. It is not good), as well as draft pages and chapters from my work in progress.

All of that including limited 99c deals or even free ebooks delivered to your Kindle.

So if you’d like to support me in my mission to spread my wings into crazy avenues like audiobooks or limited hardcover editions, follow this link with my most heartfelt gratitude.

All right. That’s it. I think that’s enough, eh?

If you want one last thing, the Faces Magazine Awards are still accepting votes. Thanks to a few inquisitive people, we’ve learned that the voting is open internationally, and you can cast a fresh set of votes every day. HUGE thanks to those of you who have already voted!

How about you? Has 2019 given you any surprises?

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