Hello 2019!

We made it through another chapter! Considering life seems to be a bit like a George RR Martin novel sometimes, it can seem pretty incredibly when we’ve survived to change the calendars over, but the way I see it: it’s even more of a reason to celebrate.

I love the annual change-over. Some people don’t see the point in marking it. It’s just a man-identified date of change. A few shifting numbers. No different than any other day.

Sure. I guess. In that case every day is just a drudge and there’s no point in celebrating anything.

For me, the fresh start — the new calendar, new bullet journal, new set of goals — always comes with a sort of…weightlessness. All the lessons learned from the last twelve months, all the mistakes made, connections forged… they’re all ready to move into the next act.

Just like birthdays are a levelling up, each new year is a newly discovered world on a map. I, for one, am ready to forge ahead, explore the nooks and crannies, lockpick the chests, and kill some draugrs*

Part of the last few days of the year were spent going through my 2018 bullet journals and compiling all the information I’ve tracked about myself. I learned that I was actually really good at upping my water intake and at sticking to a relatively stable exercise schedule (well enough that I reached my goal of losing 25lbs). I learned that I need to get better at making the time for journaling and meditation/yoga, as they have a huge impact on my mental well-being.

I wrote a pretty impressive 260,000 words (down from 630,000 in 2017, but considering I was dealing with a full time job, I’m still really happy with it), published 2 more books, wrote another 2 1/2, bought a house, went to my first event outside of Ottawa (which was also my first live reading) with friend and author Angela Addams (who I’ve wanted to work with for ages), moved, reno’d, travelled, read 70 books, and generally had a pretty phenomenal year.

Man, no wonder I was so ready for a vacation.

With 2019, I aim to reach even higher.

My word of the year is CONNECTION, and I hope to weave the concept into all areas of my life.


I’m starting off the year by applying for some grant money to help support my focus on my new urban fantasy trilogy.

I’m going to revise Dreamfire, Book 2 of the Nayis Trilogy, and hopefully have that out sometime this year.

I’m updating my Patreon tiers to make the content more accessible for more readers.

I upgraded my mailing list to a new service that should allow me a bit more options in staying in contact. I also plan to shift my newsletter schedule a little bit to once a month for regular emails (then extra for new releases and promotions), and include a small giveaway in every email.


I want to do more video-based work. Maybe not vlogs, but at least get comfortable with saying hi on social media. It’ll likely be raw, corny, dorky, but worth it if it helps me engage with you a little bit more. It also means an effort to share more selfies, so get ready for lots of these:


I want to get back into yoga. For almost two years I had a daily practice, but when my mental health started diving a bit in a fall, it fell by the wayside as I tried to juggle the rest of my life. Now I’m starting back with another Yoga with Adrienne 30-day yoga challenge, which should hopefully kickstart my routine again.

I also want to throw in more meditation in there. It’s amazing how much of a difference sitting in silence for 10 minutes breathing and telling myself happy things can make.

I want to find a kick-ass job, either out and about or by building up my proofreading clientele. I’m looking for something that challenges me, that makes use of the skills I love using while teaching me new ones. I have no idea yet what it’ll be, but I’m looking forward to the possibilities.

My Goodreads challenge is up for another 52 books this year.

Then, the usual, water, exercise, maintaining good physical health, and all that awesomesauce.

I’m excited.

There is nothing but potential stretching ahead for the next 364, and I can’t wait to loot it.

What about you? What were your big achievements for 2018 and what do you plan to accomplish in 2019?

*I may have started a new game on Skyrim while on holidays…

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