I’ll start this post by saying that I love all my projects, past, present, and the tiny inklings only just rising on the surface of my imagination.

They all come from some part of me, every character a reflection of some thought or feeling I had at the time. As this is the case, how can I not adore each of them?

But there are certainly some that hit harder than others for one reason for another.

Evensong, for example, though far from my strongest book for being my first published work (though far from my first novel), will always have a soft spot in my heart. The concept came out of a wonderful writer’s forum that really gave me the confidence to jump off the dock into my writing career, and the monthly flash fiction contests were what made it possible for Jeff and the gang to exist.

The Cadis Trilogy… well, Venn Connell remains the voice in my head when people start to rub the wrong way (though I try not to voice her aloud and don’t carry any knives around with me).

Allegra says what I sometimes wish I could say; Vera lives above a bookstore; Daphne can create fire out of her palms.

Each story wraps my heart in a creative hug, and I’m so grateful for every character that stepped into my head.

Even when they cause me trouble, like Naya sometimes does. I’m not used to writing innocent, sweet characters. Even Molly had some good bite to her. But even if she’s less snarky, she’s teaching me how to bring empathy to the page, and the sort of confused naivete that would probably be true to form for someone finding themselves in the situation she’s in. The editing process for Dreamfire has been a lot of fun, and I feel like I’ve levelled up my skills tenfold just in the last month and a half of edits.

My future-soon-to-be-in-the-works epic fantasy has already introduced characters I can’t wait to know better, and I don’t think a day passes that I don’t replay a particular scene in my head, as though prepping myself for the day I write it down (Don’t worry, it’s already outlined and saved in twenty million places so I don’t forget).

With all of these people in my head, however, my thoughts are fully consumed these days by Jet, Madison, and Gideon.

I don’t know if it’s because the story is set here in Ottawa, or because it’s based around a fictional federal government department; I don’t know if it’s because each character is sexy as well in their own way, or because of the emotional twists and turns this first draft is taking, but for the first time in what feels like a long time, I’ve become a wordaholic again.

Instead of focusing on drafting and writing until the book is done, I’m setting aside time each day to add a thousand words, taking the time to dig deep into the emotions and motivations of each scene. And when I’m not working on it, all I want is to get back to it. I’m an addict, jonesing for more story. I’m finding it difficult to fall asleep at night, because I’m playing the next scene through, tweaking and musing options.

I missed this so much.

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but it’s this kind of addiction that keeps me writing through harsh reviews and sales dips. It’s this need to create and build and develop that helps me push through those inevitable walls of self-doubt (I’m riding the high right now; wait for that self-doubt post to be coming in a few weeks).

I don’t know when these guys are going to be released on the world (I’m still waiting to hear about that grant), but I have no doubt you’ll be hearing a lot about them until then, hopefully whetting your appetite until you’re as eager to meet them as I am to introduce them.

A Day in the Life

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