A Day in the Life

Per a request from a dear and wonderful human being, I thought, while I’m busy working on a bunch of different projects, this would be a good time to give you a bit of insight into what a typical “Krista Walsh” day looks like. I tend to stick to a pretty firm routine throughout the week, so pretty much from Tuesday-Friday, you’ll know pretty much where to find me.

Maybe you’ll find it interesting.

Maybe you’ll have tips on how I can optimize some of my work.

Maybe it’ll give you a better understand of why I tiptoe along the fragile line of sanity and am just as likely to be found laughing maniacally on a rooftop as I am to be huddled in a corner weeping.

Also note that this is my “day in the life” as of the last month or so. Who knows what the year will bring as projects come and go. I, for one, am eager to find out.

So here we go:


5:10a.m.: the first alarm goes off

5:20a.m.: Hubs and I get up and start our day. Breakfast, chats, the usual morning progression.

6:03a.m.: Hubs heads off to the dayjob, and I start my day. Cup of tea, full bottle of water, and up I go to my office.

6:00-6:30 is my headspace time. Sometimes it takes a bit longer, sometimes a bit less, but I don’t think I could get to the rest of my day without this brief time-out. I write in my diary, organize my bullet journal for the day, and sometimes throw in a meditation if my thoughts are particularly loud and chaotic. If I can get this done, I feel like I have a solid foundation to dive into work.

Even then, I move in slowly. From 6:30-7:00, I read a craft book. Sometimes it’s about the business side of publishing, sometimes the creative side. Other times it’s a bestseller in my genre so I can get a critical perspective on what’s selling these days. The best way of improving myself and my work is to keep studying, so this part of my days remains a standard priority.

7:00-9:00: These days, I’ve been warming up my work day with the fun stuff. Drafting. Mind off, fingers on, I open my writing program and throw down some words. Sometimes with music, sometimes not, sometimes with a lot of breaks, sometimes not, that all kind of depends on the day and how easily the story is coming to me.

9:00-10:00: YOGA TIME!!! Sometimes it’s a full meditation or a yoga practice, but I try to get up and get moving as a way to shake my brain from one task to another. Until I figure out how to reorganize my office to include the sit-stand desk I want to invest in, the stretching keeps my hips from locking up with all the sitting (I really need to get better at taking breaks).

10:00-11:30: I get started on my revisions. At the moment, I’m just inputting all the changes I’ve been making by hand for the last couple of weeks, which is pretty low-stress work. I’ve been keeping the music on, only turning it off when I reach a point where full rewrites need to be made. Nothing says good times like a dance break before lunch.

11:30-12:30: LUNCH! Woohoo!! I will confess, I’m not that great at actually pausing for lunch. When I was doing my by-hand work, I took the time because I couldn’t edit and eat at the same time. Now that I’m back doing computer work, I have less excuse to take the extra time. Don’t be me. Take the break.

12:30-3:00: MOAR REVISIONS, along with a cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits, because one must be fully refreshed when battling dragons. From here until the end of the day, I’m just focused on getting the work in. Lately I’ve been averaging about 3 chapters a day for inputs and rewrites, which is exactly what I need to stay on schedule. Yes my deadlines are my own, but I’ve always had trouble letting them whoosh by, as Douglas Adams so enjoyed doing.

To wrap up the day, I try to shift from revisions to brainstorming from 3:30 until hubs gets home. Sometimes this part gets skipped over, but I do try to make the effort. It’s a nice wind-down from the focus-intense work, but still a crucial part of the job. Having a firm grasp of my next project allows me to make a smooth transition when one of them leaves my hands, either to my critique partner or editor—or you!

So that’s it. Of course, I left out dealing with my whiney whiney cat, the inevitable telemarketing calls, the occasional social media breaks (which I try to be good about), but for the most part that is an accurate look into what my full-time writing life is like.

Anything else you want to know? Any details that particular pique your interest or curiosity? Let me know in the comments!

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