Blood, Stabbing, and Adventure - on sale!

As I work on revisions for Dreamfire, Book 2 of the Nayis Trilogy, I can’t help but compare sweet and determined Naya Reed to the daring and incorrigible Venn Connell. Night and day in terms of character…but probably more alike than either would be able to see. Certainly more than Naya would be able to believe in herself.

So to give some love to Venn and hopefully introduce a few new people to her adventures, Bloodlore, Book 1 of the Cadis Trilogy is currently on sale for 99c, and Blightlore, Book 2, is on sale for 2.99 - but only until February 7!

If you enjoy stories of fierce friendships, dark spells, courageous acts, and women who like to stab things, head on over to your favourite retailer and grab your copy today.

Also of note: over the next couple of weeks, if you swing by and check out my sight, you might see a few oddities. Unfinished pages, perhaps, or broken links. It’s just under construction as I make a few tweaks—worry not! It’ll all be back to normal soon.

Thanks to the folks on my Patreon, reader’s group, and mailing list, I have a new author photo! Two, really, per popular vote, so you’ll be seeing this face around town a lot more often:

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Happy Valentine's Day from Daphne

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