CampNaNoWriMo - Week 3

Another weekly update!

I wish I could say I was stockpiling cleverer post ideas for post NaNo…. but I’m not.

Week 2 was went better than week 1, I’ll say that.

I’m halfway through my goal of 50k for the month and starting to question how on earth I’m going to validate those words when they’re scattered across paper, three different writing programs, and revisions.

I should probably have gone for hours over words, BUT I’M COMMITTED NOW.

Urban fantasy draft is edging towards the climax. The characters are brushing the dust off their shoulders, the dark night of the soul is sliding towards dawn (metaphorically/beat-wise; in actuality it’s just shortly after lunch), and will soon be up again the big bad.

I’m excited. It’ll be a good showdown.

I also worked out the extended beats (plot points) for my short story and for the third Nayis book, so they’re both about ready to be drafted.

So all in all, I’m happy with my progress and hope to made broad jumps before the end of the week.

We’re at the 50% mark, and the world looks bright!

How are you coming along with your goals?

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