CampNaNoWriMo - Week 4

I like tea.

If I had to only live on tea for the rest of my life, I think I could do it.

Even in the summer, there’s something about relaxing with a nice cuppa that offers a lovely moment of reprieve.

No, I swear, I wrote words last week, I really did!

This whole thing about tea isn’t just filler so I don’t need to get into all the stuff I would have liked to do, but didn’t get a chance to finish.

Nope. Not me. I wouldn’t do that.

Okay, fine.

The update:

I got about 8k written on the third urban fantasy book, so I’m pretty happy about that. I’ll confess, wrapping up this book is taking longer than expected. Not in a bad way! I tend to skeleton my first drafts, but this time around, because I’m taking my time drafting, I seem to be doing better at adding in details I would usually gloss over at this stage. So maybe I’ll be finished this month? Remains to be seen!

I got alpha notes back on the second Nayis book, and that’s going to require a lot of heavy lifting and major rewrites before it goes to my editor… but I don’t want to start that yet. First I’ll go through all the notes and take notes on the notes to help wrap my head around the work that needs to be done, and I like to give it at least a week’s breathing space, so that’s a May problem (and will be my primary focus for May)

I didn’t get a chance to even look at the third Nayis book outline, though I need to start doing that soon.

I did start picking at my short story, which are always trickier to start than a new novel. I’d like to get a first draft of it done by the end of the month, which means really focusing on it this week. It’s only 5-7k. Should be doable, right?


So those are my updates. I was a bit distracted by a possible HUGE OPPORTUNITY that I’m waiting to have confirmed (C’mon, email, bring me some good news), and fingers crossed I’ll have more to announce on that score next week!

How are your CampNaNoWriMo goals coming as we move into the last week? Are you close? What is your strategy for the home stretch?

Let me know in comments!

Inhale — Exhale

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