CampNaNoWriMo - Week 2

I love NaNo months, because they let me be lazy with my titles for a few weeks. Conserving my creative energy for my works in progress.

Status update on my various projects:

  • 10k+ written on my urban fantasy

  • 2nd Nayis Trilogy book off to my critique partner

  • good progress made on sekrit project

  • outlines started on 3rd Nayis Trilogy book and short story

So all in all, a pretty good start to the month.

Though, I must say, last week was a really bad focus week. No matter how hard I tried to stick with my regular routine, I couldn’t get my head into my work, which is unlike me and beyond frustrating.

I blame the changing weather—the sun, the raising temperatures.

So that shouldn’t be an issue this week as we’re expecting 5-10 centimetres of snow what even is this? Dammit, Ottawa, it is April and we should be past this nonsense.


Point is, for tomorrow at least, I should be able to get some solid words in and make good progress on all fronts.

Priorities for this week:

  • another 5-10k on urban fantasy

  • start draft on short story

  • start detailed outline for 3rd Nayis book

We’ll see how that all goes!

How about you? How many goals did you reach this week/what are you aiming to accomplish this week?

Let me know in the comments!

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