What is it about ComicCon that makes it so much fun to pun with the name?


Just me?


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I know I missed my post last week, but I was toast on Monday.

Stick me in a toaster, crank the timer, leave me till I’m charred and flaky — toast.

Not too surprising, really. Three days of 7+ hours behind a table, wearing a smile for 40,000 people. My face was a little numb by Sunday.

Yet I was still really sad to see it end. I had an amazing time.

I met so many new people, which is always a treat, but also had so many familiar faces come up and say hi! People who had seen me at Geek Market or the Byward Author’s Market, who had purchased my books and read them or still have them in their TBR pile but wanted to come up to say hello.

I got to spend a few minutes with people I haven’t seen in ages, and got so many hugs that there was no way I couldn’t feel grateful that I had the chance to be there.

There were so many incredible costumes, but I think my two runner-up favourites were the Weeping Angel Beeker and Miss Frizzle. My top favourite was the infant Prince Leia/mandrake/Doctor who passed me by and said hi on all three days.

If you were there and you saw her, you understand.

The final tally was 138 books sold, which is so many that I have to reorder more for my market days this summer.

I’m over the moon, incredibly proud, incredibly grateful…. and incredibly surprised that I managed to avoid getting sick!

SO THANK YOU!!!!!!! I’m so grateful, in fact, that I did a quick video thank you, which you can find here

If you’re in Ottawa and want to come say hi, there are five more opportunities on their way, and I would love to see you!!! You can learn more here.

You guys are AMAZING!!!!

Have you gone to any conventions this year? Did you go in costume? Tell me all about it in the comments!

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