Walk it Off

Today was one of those days.

You know them.

The deadlines are looming. The to-do list is long.

And your brain. Just. Won’t. Work.

You press through as best you can, but you know it’s a GI-GO kind of day and anything you do today, you’re just going to have to re-do tomorrow.

If you’re lucky, you can crawl under your desk for a few minutes and take a quick nap (I recently read that the optimal nap length is 10-20 minutes, and if you can down a cup of coffee before you go down for the shut-eye, so much the better).

If you can, though, go for a walk.

I didn’t do this today, and I should have. It was only this evening, after dinner, that I finally dragged my butt out, and it’s only now, a few hours before bedtime, that I finally have the energy to get some work done.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a 10-min stroll around the block or a 25-minute walk for lunch hour, it really does walk up the brain.

From what I’ve read, it doesn’t even have to be a walk! Just being outside for a while can do wonders to get those synapses firing again.

So if you’re stuck, stop being like me and pushing through. It’s not going to get you as far as you want to be. Take a breath, take a break, and enjoy some fresh air.


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