CampNaNoWriMo - Miss?

Here we are, the last few days of July’s CampNaNoWriMo, and I am sitting so close to my goal of 50k words on the third Nayis book. So close. 44,004. Only 5,996 words away. This is a solid two days’ work, an easy three days’ work, and an easy-peasy four days’ work. It should have been nothing to surpass it…

… and then I came down with the flu.

What I thought was just a bit of a chest cold that would knock me out for a day but disappear if I got some extra sleep turned into five days of fever, coughing, aches and pains, and listening to my husband wrangle the puppy without me.

It also meant ix-nay on the ork-way.

No drafting.

No read-through…ing.

No revising.

All of my deadlines that were all lined up and on schedule are now a little bit askew, and I might miss my NaNoWriMo goal for the first time in a while.


I could feel bad about that…. but why?

It was a self-imposed goal to move forward on a draft that won’t reach public view until autumn 2020.

My other deadlines add a wee bit of stress, but with a bit of dedicated effort once I’m back on my feet, I’ll be caught up and probably ahead of the game again.

I listened to my body when it told me to rest, and the result is that I’m feeling better after four days. Who knows how much longer I might have been out of commission if I’d tried to push through.

So while there is still a slim chance that I’ll hit my camp goal, I’m happy if I don’t! I made a solid start on my draft, and I’ll keep adding 1k a day around my other deadlines until I wrap up the first draft, hopefully by the end of September.

It’s a good reminder for me, really (and if it helps you out, that’s awesome!): Goals are there to keep you motivated, not to run your life. Not to lose sleep over. Setting high hard-to-reach goals might be what gets you get farther than you would have if you never set the goal.

Achieving it is less important than the progress.


And be sure to reward yourself once you hit the final mark.

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