Anniversary Offer & Flash Fiction Challenge

I recently read Daniel H. Pink’s When, a study on perfect timing, and he talked about how important it is to have “reboot” moments. First day of the month, first day of the year, birthdays, start/end of the school year… and, of course, anniversaries.

This month, I mark one full year since I started my Patreon page, a place where I can make a few extra pennies to go towards things like editing, swag, giveaways, etc. In return for my patrons’ kindness and generosity, I do my best to offer exclusive and valuable content.

To date, I’ve shared a first look at an epic fantasy I’m brainstorming, the first chapters of a few works in progress, excerpts of my first drafts as I worked through CampNaNoWriMo, some insight into my editing process, update videos, behind the scenes states of mind as I go through the various stages of production, and cat pictures.

Because of course.

My goal is to keep improving and increasing the value of what I offer, with a few big plans for 2019.

To offer a huge THANK YOU to all my patrons, I’m offering a 50% discount code on signed paperbacks to all current patrons and anyone who signs up throughout the rest of August.

I’m also embarking on a new flash fiction challenge, and patrons in the $5 tier or higher will receive the weekly results and help me vote on their favourite flash piece of the month, which patrons in the $1 and $2 tiers will receive as early access before it’s posted here on my blog.

That’s just the start. Things going to get really busy over the next 12 months, as my publishing schedule is both ambitious and crazy.

If you want to help keep me motivated and get first look at everything that’s coming, you can check out my Patreon page here.

Thank you so so so so so much for all of you who’ve already signed up. You’re helping me continue to put out dragon- and magic-filled content and hang on to that last dangling thread of sanity.

Keeping On