Weaver of Magic and Mystery

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My name is Krista Walsh, and I am an author of epic and urban fantasy. Just as I love to lose myself in tales of mystique, mystery, and magic, so I enjoy tempting people to join me there by creating worlds and characters of my own.

Here you will find everything you want to know about myself, my books, and my works in progress. Feel free to poke around and find what interests you. Looking for something but unable to find it? Feel free to email me!

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The Books

Information about each of my series, both epic and urban fantasy, available via all major retailers 

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The Author

A little more about the author behind the work

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The Blog

Weekly (I try) updates, musings, and announcements about my new releases and works in progress

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Epic Fantasy

Discover the books that will sweep you away to another world. Magic, wars, dragons, and epic adventures that will grab you, pull you in, and help you forget about the real world for an hour or twenty.


Walsh balances the elements of surprise, a healthy amount of plot twists, and some striking pathos to create a more unusual adventure-slash-finding yourself story

— Amazon Review of “Evensong”


Urban Fantasy

Be introduced to characters and creatures that could just as easily exist in the apartment next door as they do in your own head. Explore a different version of reality…one that might have you looking twice at the ordinary.