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Cairnfire, Nayis Book 3

Cairnfire, Nayis Book 3

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Naya Reed has come a long way from being on her deathbed. With her dragonbond fully integrated and her connection to Dunyari growing deeper by the day, her future should look bright.

Instead, she faces a threat greater than anyone expected. Sera, the dragon girl who once tried to destroy the Veil, is back, and this time she's determined to destroy the entire world to keep her dragon family safe.

Stuck between her roles as Nayis student and Feldall heir, Naya doesn't know where she stands in this fight—only that she can't sit by and do nothing. Not when she's the only one who believes a peaceful resolution is possible.

As the country burns and her future looms, how much will Naya lose as she struggles to find her place?

Cairnfire is the long-awaited finale of the Nayis Trilogy. Return to Andvell in this epic fantasy adventure that embraces found family, hope in the darkness, and the struggle of following one's own path.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Loved Cairnfire

Fast-paced and action packed. It ends the story well with room for more in the future.

Lennie McDonald
Perfect conclusion to the series.

Wow waring dragons, (that made me sad), a human raised girl and a dragon raised girl leads to all sorts of drama.
Naya feels caught in the middle of everything, not really part of the Nayii but outgrown her home town to.
Should she follow her heart and hope that leads to a future with Felix?
Fast paced, very hard to put down and I have to say I loved it from the first sentence.
Lots of sadness, but tons of hope to, battle strategies, friendships, family and enemies all blend together perfectly.
Definitely recommend this book and I bet the whole series is fantastic.