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Raven's Quill Press

Dreamfire, Nayis Book 2

Dreamfire, Nayis Book 2

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Far from her home and her family, Naya Reed seeks out the legendary dragon messengers to secure her bond with the dragon Dunyari.

Once she arrives, however, no warm welcome awaits her. Instead, Naya finds herself having to convince the village elders that she's worthy of staying—a challenge made difficult because of the complex state of her dragonbond and her even more complex feelings for Pertali-born Felix Tamley.

While her days are full of intense training, Naya's nights are haunted by dreams of the woman who nearly tore the world apart. But any hope Naya has that she'll soon be ready to face Sera vanishes as new threats arrive that put her future—and her life—in jeopardy.

Beaten down by heartbreak, rejection, and the growing distance between herself and Dunyari, Naya must summon her courage and stand her ground to prevent all she's gained from being consumed by dragonfire.

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