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Fear of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 2

Fear of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 2

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Well hello, The Past. I see you're trying to kill me. Again.

My sluggish magic has woken up, but of course I’m not able to lounge in bed while I get reacquainted with it. No, instead I have a blaring alarm clock in the shape of a fear demon I banished to hell eight hundred years ago.

Someone's summoned him back, and he's picking up right where he left off—wreaking havoc, inciting mobs, and threatening mass human casualties. And he's using a member of my chosen family to do it.

It's on me to stop him, and the threats are rising. Emrick, the servant of Death who makes my legs weak, refuses to step aside, but I can't let him help. Not when doing so breaks Death's one rule: don't get involved.

To banish this demon, I’ll need to do more than get to know my magic again. I’ll need to bring hell to earth. Without losing one of my only friends in the process.

If I mess this up, millions will burn and my sanity might crack. If I do this right? The only thing fear should be afraid of is me.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Beate B.
Demon threat

This is a great follow on, an exciting sequel - Kat has to face a fear demon who is turning peaceful citizens into an aggressive, violent mob. She had banned him hundreds of years before - who has summoned him now? Kat herself is under attack from the local people who have been stirred into action by the fear demon, and those close to her are in danger. If she does not win, all is lost. We also get more of the back story of Kat and Emrick. Kat has to reassess what is most important in life.
I received this book as an ARC and am reviewing the book giving my own opinion voluntarily.

Fiona Harford
Fantastic follow-up

The Immortal Sorceress series kicks up a gear in this second instalment. Once again, Kat’s past comes back to haunt her – this time in the form of the fear demon that almost killed her seven-hundred years ago.

Kat is an engaging character who, like most of us, struggles with the ghosts of her past, while trying to protect her family in the present. Knowing who to trust and what is the right course of action in the face of impossible choices are themes we can all relate to. The supporting characters are nicely fleshed out and we learn a little more about some of them in this book. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading more of this series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Love conquers all or just get out of my life?

Kat definitely has a big challenge with dealing with a demon from her past. But she can’t get rid of him by herself. I love the found family and the new members of the crew, and their quirks. Cuddles was also a surprise and cute. Emerick’s love for Kat is also heart warming and you find yourself wanting to have a chat with her to change her mind!

Sarah Metcalf
Love Kat and Emrick!

Another nail-biting book in the Immortal Sorceress series! Kat has finally rid the world of Mikhail and is still searching for the witch "Abigail". She is starting to strengthen her powers she has left to disuse as well as help Rhys learn to defend himself in a magical world. But when a new sorcerer shows up on the news running scared and holding fire in his hands, they find the situation even more complicated than they imagined. Shogaur, a fear demon that Kat believes she banished 800 years ago, is on the loose again. And if he is allowed to take over this new sorcerer, the world is in trouble.
This book had me putting it down and going back to it! (You know the feeling! Where you can't believe the author just did that to you!) I think I held my breath for the last third of the book!! And as Kat remembers the torture she went through, you can't help but feel her terror as well!
I love all the characters from Kat and her now determined attitude, Emrick and his fierce loyalty and protectiveness, Rhys and his need to belong and to help, Barrett, grumpy Barrett and of course Adrian who despite wanting to stay out of this world doesn't hesitate to step in and help. And the new additions of Poppy and her oh so loveable, not-quite-dead Cuddles (a whole new level of crazy cat lady!) and Marisa are game changers!
And the ending! That was the ending I have been rooting for since the series began! I can't wait to see what Krista has in store for the next book!

Anaisu Anaisu
I love Kat!

She's a great character with an amazing storyline, her love story with Emerick is epic, her mentor relationship with Rhys is fantastic and even though I would like a bit more Adrian, I was happy with how the plot developed. Cuddles & Poppy were a nice addition to the group. I'm excited about the next book because there's so much to discover. I can't wait!