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Fire of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 1

Fire of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 1

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After 900 years, you’d think I’d have cleaned this place up.

Believe me, I’ve tried, and the only thing I’ve achieved in protecting the balance between magical and mundane is massive burnout.

My magic has waned, my motivation is in embers, and my social graces are… let’s just say they’re lacking.

Not helping at all is my ex, the servant of Death binding me to existence. The man I crave with every breath but whose presence in my life risks losing him forever.

I’m ready to swear off this world. But when a blood mage with troubling ambitions sets his sights on the city’s covens, the voices of my past refuse to let me sit by and do nothing.

To stop him, I’ll need to dust off decades of indifference, gather whatever allies I haven’t driven away, and tap into my forgotten power.

It’s time to remind myself what I’m capable of. The monsters better start trembling.

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Last of her kind
Forbidden romance
Found family

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Customer Reviews

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Alyson Love

Fire of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 1


Another amazing fantasy story that will keep you wanting it never to end. Superb characters, perfect for the story. Can’t wait for the next.

Tina M
A terrific new series to read!

I’m a big fan of Walsh’s Invisibie Detente and Cadis series. With this book, Walsh has created yet another terrific series starter and I’m already anxiously waiting to read book 2.
The story is compelling and engaging right from the opening chapter. I’m wondering why Emric can’t be with Kat and what are her powers? Why is she depressed and not at her full strength? Why does Rhys keep Seeing these horrid scenes? Who is Adrien and why won’t he be her partner anymore?
I have so many questions! Krista Walsh writes a fascinating story to answer all my questions and more. The plot moves along quickly with lots of action to keep me interested. Her characters are fully developed, and their actions are consistent with their personalities and goals.
I highly recommend you read this book if you enjoy fantasy, magic and romance.

Beate B.
New beginnings

I have enjoyed Krista’s books since I first came across them on Amazon, and this is no exception. This is a new series, which started a little while ago with a short prequel.
Kat has lost her zest for life. She is aware that her powers are declining, and does not feel as motivated to seek out and destroy evil as she used to, fuelled by the terrible event which caused a complete change in her life 800 years ago. Until a threat from the past challenges her. This makes her search her heart and reassess what is important to her. As an immortal she only has two friends from the past, Adrian and Emrick, although she has decided to stay away from Emrick to protect him. Now Kat needs to decide if there is anything worth fighting for.
Kat and Emrick take it in turn to tell the story. An old adversary is threatening life on earth - is anyone able to stop him? Barrett, Adrian’s friend, proves to be a useful ally, although the relationship between him and Kat is initially very strained.
It was fun reading this, I enjoyed the story, it is well written and I read it over two days. I hope I won’t have to wait long for the next book in the series. Will anything happen to the main characters, and will Emrick suffer further losses in the next book?
I received this book free of charge as an ARC reader.

Darin R.
It's getting hot in here!

Katerina of Palonia is your trope-standard, functionally immortal, elemental sorceress. The elements of fire and ice have coursed through her veins for nearly a millennia. She’s waged war against the forces of darkness and evil for that length of time as well. Emrick is, of course, one of her closest friends (and former lover), and is, of course, also immortal. Adrian is the third in their little group, an immortal vampire who moved beyond hunting mortals long before Kat even began walking the earth. Standard setting, standard characters, and standard timeline for a feel-good Urban Fantasy, right?

There was a time when the mere mention of her name would send monsters running and black witches back to their beds to hide. There was a time when anything or anyone on her hit list KNEW it was only a matter of time before their fiery death would claim them. There was a time when the elements bowed to her every thought, surging to be brought to the fore constantly and only the runes of her trusty gloves could keep them in check. Katerina of Palonia, sorceress of fire and ice, scion of the Palonian Sorcerers, who were tasked with keeping the mundane world safe from all of the things that go bump in the night.

Except Kat isn’t the all-powerful force of nature she once was. The monsters have started to get bolder and bolder over the last few decades. And the dark covens have started to creep back into the limelight. And purveyors of magical paraphernalia aren’t always staying on the straight and narrow anymore.

*sigh* It’s been an incredibly long 800 years… And Palonia has been wiped off the map for just as long. An all-powerful sorceress gets tired after a while, right? Doesn’t help that her magic seems to be on the waning side, and she and Emrick’s relationship has been on hiatus for 8 decades, and Adrian’s retired. Honestly, the thrill of the hunt isn’t so thrilling anymore. Could it be that it’s time for Kat to think about retirement? Maybe ensconced herself in her island home, kilometers out of Toronto, with her cups of tea and gorgeous sunsets. That’d be nice, right?

But witches are turning up dead, drained of blood. And not in the way of the vampires. And word’s been going around that Mikhail, a shockingly powerful witch who is about as evil as a human can be has been sighted. Something’s up, and Kat’s the only one in Canada able to take care of business. *sigh* I guess retirement can wait

“Fire of the Sorceress”, by Krista Walsh, is the first book in her new Immortal Sorceress series. Set in and around Toronto (a welcome change from Chicago, New York, LA, and London as settings go), this series promises to be a trip through the great white north to the depths of magic’s darkest alleys. The book is fun, funny, and an original take on the classic “immortal magic user in a strange land” trope. The writing a clever, the characters fully developed, and the story super engaging. With the beginnings of a slow-burn romance woven throughout the plot and a really interesting set of lore developing, I can’t recommend this book enough. This story can’t be put down, and you won’t want to anyway. Be careful you don’t get burned though, this series is sure to keep heating up.

I received a free copy of this e-book and am voluntarily leaving a review.