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Fire of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 1

Fire of the Sorceress, Immortal Sorceress Book 1

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After 900 years, you’d think I’d have cleaned this place up.

Believe me, I’ve tried, and the only thing I’ve achieved in protecting the balance between magical and mundane is massive burnout.

My magic has waned, my motivation is in embers, and my social graces are… let’s just say they’re lacking.

Not helping at all is my ex, the servant of Death binding me to existence. The man I crave with every breath but whose presence in my life risks losing him forever.

I’m ready to swear off this world. But when a blood mage with troubling ambitions sets his sights on the city’s covens, the voices of my past refuse to let me sit by and do nothing.

To stop him, I’ll need to dust off decades of indifference, gather whatever allies I haven’t driven away, and tap into my forgotten power.

It’s time to remind myself what I’m capable of. The monsters better start trembling.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Fiona Harford
An excellent beginning

An excellent beginning to a new series. This book begins with Kat - an immortal, almost 900-year old sorceress - feeling jaded and without purpose. She can’t die, but no longer has a reason for living. As a result, her powers are also jaded. So when an old nemesis comes back, stronger than ever before, she doesn’t know if she will be able to stop him. And if she doesn’t, who will?

Kat is an engaging character, with a tragic past that continues to haunt her. Her struggle to find meaning in the face of endless existence is surprisingly relatable. She has long fought to protect the mundane world from magical harm, so she is pragmatic and world-wise (as well as weary), which makes a nice change from the naive, do-gooder type of heroine that is so common. The supporting characters are nicely fleshed out and I look forward to learning more about them in the coming books. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely read more of this series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Steve Nichols
An Absolute Banger of a Book

Krista knocked it out of the park with Fire of the Sorceress, it delivered on everything I wanted out of the prequel book. We got backstory, we got lore, and we even got Kat getting good again. On top of it all we got an awesome story involving well written characters and big time circumstances all relating to Kat's history. After reading I just need to see these characters grow even more, I need to know whats causing Adrian's paranoia, and I need to know who is giving out long dead secrets.

Top tier urban fantasy

Here's the thing about a Krista Walsh book: you know it will deliver.

This is a 5-star Urban Fantasy. Wild magic, found family dynamics, all the PINING, and a strong female lead overcoming her internal struggles while - yet again - saving the world from an arcane threat.

While the story picks up almost 900yrs into Kat Palon's immortal life, Walsh seamlessly weaves in the story of how she gained immortality, enticing the reader with morsel after morsel of juicy backstory speckled through the modern plot, including the history of Kat and her reaper love interest Emrick, and I ATE. IT. UP.

The standouts for me, however, were Poppy the Occult Shop Owner, and the love-to-hate-you frenemy-ship between Kat and Barrett. The way these two despise yet wildly respect each other had me cackling (along with Adrian, I am sure). I can't wait to read more of their exchanges and get more Poppy in future books (please give me more Poppy in the future books).

Pick this one up. Fire of the Sorceress is a blast from cover to cover.

Reviewer avatar
Thrilling and Enjoyable

Fire of the Sorceress is the 1st book in the Immortal Sorceress it follows the Prequel where we are introduced to Kat (Katrina) Palon of Palonia where Kat was born and raised. Emerick who is Kat's forbidden love interest as he is a Reaper of which all Reapers help the dead travel to their final destination. Kat's friend Adrian is an ancient vampire of which in Kat's early early years he as in his prime and helped Kat with her Hunts of Evil Magic doers. Barret who is one of Adrian's Thralls, A thrall is someone that freely gives a Vampire their daily blood source from the vein and they take care of the Vampire's home while the vampire is sleeping.
I loved Rhys and Maera.. Maera is Kat's House Keeper and Rhys is Maera's son; Rhys has the power to see future or past events other wise that power is known as being a Seer.
When Death of some witches start to happen and Rhys has one of his visions it sets Kat into a memory of how her family was taken down. She must do something to stop who ever is causing this terrible tragedy to continue.
I loved reading Fire of the Sorceress with it's high energy and action that kept me on the edge and wanting more after reading the last page.
So, if you love Broody men, Forbidden love, a Young Adult with futuristic visions and lots of magical action... Then You will love this series.

M Lowe
Immersive and entertaining

Krista Walsh is a unicorn!! Well, one of those rare authors who is able to immediately draw readers into her stories, then immerse and entertain them completely. Time does not pass, the phone does not ring and the tea is always hot.

I love the world she has created for her Sorceress books. A Canadian setting is not common but is still relatable, so the towns, streets, shops etc could be our own and this helps with the believability of the storyline. The characters are multi-faceted and so interesting, and for the majority, likeable. The core group establish a lovely found family vibe and the banter is funny! The action scenes are brilliantly written and very original - not your regular street chases from this author. Or your usual antagonists.

Kat is our POV for the majority of the book. This allows the reader a strong and immediate sense of her weariness, mental fatigue and depression..."I was here out of duty, not passion.". But it also allows us to track the renewal of her energy and understand the reasoning for it. Getting the insight into her tragic history through her memories is incredibly sad. The author is exemplary at depicting these emotions and the scenes are so well crafted that the reader remains empathetic to Kat's situation.

There is so much space and potential for future storylines with this group that I am incredibly excited about more in this series. I can't wait for the next thrilling book!