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Fury of the Sorceress

Fury of the Sorceress

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Immortality has its perks. Dealing with vampires is not one of them.

After nine hundred years protecting the balance between magical and mundane, I do my best to avoid squabbles among the fanged variety.

They’re overdramatic, dress better than I do, and never have simple problems.

My oldest friend included.

But when Adrian asks me, his favourite sorceress, to do him a favour and help find a missing vampire queen, what can I do but say yes? Especially when my sort-of protegée has a vision about all the ways the city will go sideways if we don’t get her back on her throne.

The missing person’s case quickly turns into a free-for-all as a horde of rogue human thralls decide I would better serve the vampires as a corpse. Who’s giving them orders? Because it certainly isn’t the missing queen. Not helping matters is my ex-lover, a servant of Death who refuses to stay where he’s supposed to: in my past.

With the city on the brink of war, the vampire nest on the edge of collapse, and my suitcase at serious risk of running empty before this problem is resolved, I have to put all the missing pieces together before it’s too late.

Oh yeah. Adrian owes me big time.

Step into the captivating Immortal Sorceress series, urban fantasy packed with action, complicated relationships, and a growing found family. Fury of the Sorceress takes place between books 1 and 2, but can be read at any point and is a great intro into the series.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Adore this author's writing!

I absolutely adore this author’s writing, and I’m so excited to start this series after the wonderful prequel I read. Kat is so full of despondency about past events, I feel so much for her. I love her journey in this, and how we are introduced to the evil bad…or is he? Adrian, Barrett, and all the other characters. They make the story very well-rounded since they keep each other in line. I really wanted to see more of Emerick and wished he was more involved in the storyline, but I’m sure we will later. I also was a little confused about the island, but I might have just been reading too fast. Can’t wait for number two! Recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.

Jonathon J
Great story

I love the way you can get inside the minds of the characters in a book, and Krista does a wonderful job at painting the scenes! She easily guides the reader through the imagery of the story which sets the tone for the books to come.

Another new author for me to love

This is my first book by this author, and I’m so glad it won’t be the last! Kat is a kick-butt character and immortal, but she isn’t indestructible. We also get to meet her friend Adrian, his helper Barrett, her helper/friend/Seer Rhys, and her ex Emerick. They all go on a hunt to find a missing vampire queen, and what comes next is an action-filled journey and introduction to these great characters. This is a wonderful, well-written prequel to this series, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. Highly recommend. I was provided a complimentary copy which I voluntarily reviewed.