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Krista Walsh, Epic & Urban Fantasy Author

PRE-ORDER: Power of the Sorceress, the Immortal Sorceress prequel

PRE-ORDER: Power of the Sorceress, the Immortal Sorceress prequel

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Coming April 2024 - Pre-order directly through my website to receive your copy a week before the major retailers!


What good is gaining immortality when you’ve lost everything?

I’m trapped in a nightmare.

I’m a sorceress with no grasp on her magic, my family is dead, and my home is gone. A traitor’s ritual bound me to Emrick, a servant of Death, and I follow him with no reason to keep going except my body’s inability to die.

The only way to put my guilt and grief behind me is to become what I was born to be—a guardian of the balance between magical and mundane. But I quickly learn the world is filled with more evil than I ever imagined, and my power is no match for it.

Emrick can teach me, but doing so would require a sacrifice he’s not willing to pay. Bond or no bond, I don't know if I can sway him. Especially not as my feelings for him grow as confusing as the rapidly changing world.

If I don't find a way to move on, my failure to save my community will haunt me for the rest of my long life. But if I become a strong enough sorceress, a skilled enough hunter, maybe I stand a chance at redemption.

Set nearly a millennium before the main series, this exciting Immortal Sorceress prequel offers sorcery, danger, and a love story that spans centuries.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sarah Metcalf
Amazing beginnings!

This is a prequel to The Immortal Sorceress series and wow! This book has some very powerful emotions! If you are familiar with Kat then you know she is an immortal sorceress bound to Emrick by a twist of fate ruining a black magic ritual. This book delves into the back story of how Kat and Emrick came to be bound and fall in love. After losing her husband and child along with the rest of her clan, she travels the country with Emrick, Death's servant. As a mother myself, this book really gives me the feels and helps me understand the pain and loss that Kat experiences. I was absolutely heartbroken for her! W
hen she finally finds her voice and herself again, she is determined to find the demon responsible got the claims or heresy on the Good Christians. And if you have read Fear of the Sorceress, you will know of this back story. (And in my personal opinion, I think this story was much better for having read book 2 first.) Shogaur is a fear demon manipulating the nobles and the priests into a war. Can Kat find enough power to save herself and help the people she has come to love?
And it does not end there! This is also the story for how Kat and Adrian became such great friends and how the 3 together ended up being feared throughout the supernatural community. Emrick finally realizes he must help her learn how to harness her powers in order to keep her safe. And with that, she begins her journey with Adrian.
I adored this book and loved the look back at Kat, Emrick and Adrian's history. It really was an emotional ride in a very good way! It really explains why Kat and Adrian have ended up the way they did in the first book, out of touch and basically in hiding. I also can't wait to find out if we will ever find out what Emrick's deal with Death was!

Fiona Harford
The Backstory We’ve Been Waiting For!

In the first two books of the Immortal Sorceress series, we’ve been shown snippets of Kat and Emrick’s history. So, going into this prequel, we more or less know how each episode will end. Which might make one not want to bother. But this would be a mistake!

I loved this book, which fleshed out these stories we’d only had outlines of previously. Kat and Emrick’s relationship grows in a respectful and realistic manner, given the tragedy which spawned it. Although not essential for following the main storyline, I highly recommend this book for fans of the series who want to experience the horrors and joys of Kat’s first century as the immortal sorceress. It would also make a great introduction to new readers of the series.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

M Lowe
So satisfying

It is unusual to get a prequel after three books in a series but I think that actually made this one so much more satisfying. Readers know the Kat, Emrick and Adrian of the present day but to now see the ending of Kat's mortal life then the beginning and early years of her immortal one in a much harsher time is an amazing thing because we have already formed a solid connection with her. Krista Walsh writes emotions, action and magic incredibly well and so the journey through our MC's pasts is one of many highs and lows. The author shows us things often tantalisingly referred to in books one and two, including how the bond between Emrick and Kat was formed. I loved having it broken down so simply and clearly. However, there are still the blank spaces of Emrick's and Adrian's lives and I can only hope there are pre-prequels coming for them too!

I have enjoyed everything I've read by this author and will always recommend her stories.

Theresa Kelso
Tragedy turned to Power

Katerina has a ‘home’ again. Not what it was but what it is. She and Adrian are the epitome of a power couple, except he is a gay vampire and she loves Emrick. Emrick has both their backs in all scenarios. I am finally learning how their alliance began. Very unusual reading, very sensual occasionally, but not too graphic. Lots of action, gore and ‘keeping the world safe’ scenes. Really good pre-quel (in my opinion) to the first books I read. Looking forward to the next in this series.

Darrel Melvin
Power of the Sorceress - Where everything began

If you are planning to read, or are already enjoying the Immortal Sorceress books this is the origin story. Join Kat, Emrick, and Adrian 800 years ago when Katerina’s entire family, child, and community are wiped out in a brutal act of magic. The three sorceresses who created the blood magic wanted to bind a demon to make themselves immortal. Instead the magic links Kat and Emrick a spirit herder who has been a servant of death for 500 years. Krista explores the deeply emotional journey of each of the three main characters across the historical background of the 12th and 13th century. As Kat grows into full mastery of her magic, develops a deep friendship with Adrian, and deeply in love with Emrick. This is the story of how this threesome becomes a fearsome team defending the balance between magical and mundane. Reading this story will provide great context for the rest of the series. Enjoy it. I did.