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Raven's Quill Press

The Invisible Entente, a Dark Descendants Prequel Novella

The Invisible Entente, a Dark Descendants Prequel Novella

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"If you’re reading this note, I’m already dead. I find even more pleasure in the idea that one of you will soon join me."

At the precise moment of warlock Jermaine Hershel's death, seven strangers are transported into a magically sealed room with only a letter from the dead man to explain.

If they want to go home, the way out is simple: discover the murderer — and kill them.

Tensions rise as each stranger reveals their connection with Jermaine, but the puzzle isn't so easy to solve. At least one of them is lying. In an unlikely alliance, they have to act quickly to unravel the mystery before the murderer acts first.

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