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Veilfire, Nayis Book 1

Veilfire, Nayis Book 1

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After twelve years of peace, trouble has returned to Andvell…

Seventeen-year-old Naya Reed has seen what’s coming. Born with a dragon bond she doesn’t understand, she has been plagued by visions of a withering countryside and of dragons falling from the sky.

She longs to help her family bring an end to the unknown force attacking the Veil, the barrier between worlds and the source of all magic, but every vision leaves her weaker, and she fears what will happen if she stretches too far. But when Naya wakes up on a mountaintop, the course of her future changes. Not only does she discover the truth behind her dragon bond, but she also meets a young man—with golden eyes and a dragon bond of his own—who can help her master it.

Thrown into a battle she isn’t ready to fight, Naya must risk her mind, her body, and her heart to gain control over her bond before the Veil tears, the dragons fall, and more than one world is torn asunder.


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